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Bebek House

Client               Confidential

Location           Istanbul, Turkey

Program           Residential

Area                 350 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Construction Documents, Interior Construction Contract

Status               Completed

The two-story single-family penthouse project is located atop an existing midrise residential building in the scenic Bosphorus village of Bebek. The design takes its cues from the innate desire to connect with the stunning views overlooking the water and the Istanbul silhouette on the Eastern shore. The floor plans are freed and rendered more permeable by reduction of partitions inherent to the traditional residential scale. With its unique geometry and detailing, the spiral staircase reinforces the spatial connection between the two levels and becomes a ceremonial design feature by carrying the vibrance of the ever-changing daylight into the depths of the house interior. A distinctive fire place is located centrally to create a focal point in the living room space. The large spans of the glazed façade present uninterrupted panoramic views at each level. The balconies and roof terrace are designed as extensions to the interior as to inspire year-round use. A simple palette of materials and built-in furniture enhanced by precise custom detailing accentuate the desired spatial quality. The roof structure is updated via new expressed timber purlins that relate to the light wooden accents used throughout. Infrastructure and electromechanical systems are thoroughly renewed with current technology in order to create fully functional and well performing living spaces.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Türker Özdede, Ecem Çınar
Photography: Emre Dörter , Fevzi Ondu

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