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Client               NAYA Studio

Location           Istanbul, Turkey

Program           Concept Store

Area                 110 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

Status               Completed

Authenticity and tranquility echoed by what is natural, raw and simple describe the space created for NAYA Studio. Hand crafted candles, ceramics, one of a kind art pieces and custom design objects are displayed side by side for guests to experience the rhythm and sentiment that NAYA embodies, away from a conventional retail experience. Flexibility and multifunctionality are built into the spatial configuration and furnishings in order to respond to a diverse array of products and potential events. The historic building's linear progression from the busy street to the serene garden is transformed into a series of rooms via translucent portals that preserve spatial unity and choreograph the visitor's experience at a more personal scale. Material, texture and color selections are inspired by NAYA's brand identity and  aimed at a multi-sensory experience, evoking the senses of smell and touch as well as vision. Seamless concrete floors and textured renders create a unified canvas while the fabric planes provide a layered depth that is enriched by the changing quality of daylight. The sequence of rooms are further distinguished by the materiality of custom design display units, from rammed earth pedestals to solid wood shelves to raw metal surfaces. The expansive glazed pivot door opening up to the garden defines an architectural threshold that enhances the sense of continuity from the interior to the exterior.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Betül Ay, Sena Basgül

Photography: Fevzi Ondu

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