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One, Some, Many

Client               New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development & American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Location           New York, USA

Program           Residential (5 Units)

Area                 650 m2

Scope               Concept Design

Status               Competition

Collaborators   Sevki Pekin Architecture & Construction Co. Ltd.

One, Some, Many, seeks to create a new approach to affordable housing through architectural generosity and seeming incongruity. Instead of the existing infill typology that maximizes usable space without much consideration to light, air and diversity of spatial experience, One, Some, Many proposes a porous, individualized response to each site by relying on the aggregation of a basic sectional stepping strategy. A given site is subdivided into twelve feet modules parallel to the front lot line, on which simple, room-sized architectural units of varying widths are stacked vertically in either a stepping or inverse-stepping order. Units stacked in descending width allow natural light and passive ventilation deep into the lower floors through balconies, vertical gardens and skylights. On the other hand, when they are stacked in ascending width, they create crevices allowing visual or physical connection to the exterior. Each twelve-foot section is then coupled with the adjacent ones in a way that generates a varying floor plan on each level and a multitude of unique apartments for its users. The units are treated as architectural building blocks, rather than ready-made programmatic boxes so as to allow for flexible adjustment of the interior layout for each resulting floor plan.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Ecem Çınar, Cansu Nar

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