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IMISK Group Offices

Client               IMISK Group

Location           Istanbul, Turkey

Program           Office

Area                 700 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

Status               Completed

The project provides a modern and collaborative office space for 50 employees while resolving the physical and infrastructural limitations of the existing building. The dated electromechanical systems have been updated to meet today’s workplace necessities.  In order to minimize the disadvantages of limited floor to floor height and misalignments between the façade openings and the existing columns, the space planning is based upon 3 enclosed blocks surrounded by open office space that allows all users to benefit from access to natural daylight and ventilation. Board member, upper management offices and meeting rooms situated within the central volumes are framed with floor to ceiling glazed units for maximum transparency to ensure indoor environmental quality and natural light penetration, while the operational support programs are all carefully built into the unfavorable corners for efficiency. A minimalist material palette is used to reinforce airiness and spatial continuity. A contemporary and comfortable office environment is achieved through the open plan’s flexibility, ease of communication for collaborative, team-based work and the desired level of privacy offered by the enclosed spaces.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Ecem Çınar

Photography: Büsra Yeltekin

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