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Client               Isola Pepe Verde & Art Center

Location           Milan, Italy

Program           Park & Recreation

Area                 1.830 m2

Scope               Concept Design

Status               Competition

For the renewal of Isola Pepe Verde’s playground, “LO-FI” proposes an interactive structure of tubes, cables and connectors that can be constantly re-imagined based on the needs of its users. The system is comprised of three parts: A raised floor of removable eco-friendly recycled rubber tiles with an underlying grid of pedestals and structural point attachments; a reconfigurable field of flexible fiberglass rods, glass reinforced plastic tubes and lightweight steel poles fixed to the grid below; and a network of overhead steel cables connecting the rods, tubes and poles as a tensile structure. The system is deployed strategically on site to pedestrianize the portion of Via Guglielmo Pepe between the current site boundary and the green buffer area to its south, rerouting traffic to Cavalcavia Eugenio Bussa and reinforcing the perimeter of the incomplete urban block. The floor grid is omitted where existing trees are to be kept. It is thus contingent and responds to local conditions tactically to strengthen urban relationships. Upon entering, the visitors find themselves in 3 loosely defined zones of different densities and proportions, within which they are able to experience a diverse range of activities from a giant Mikado tournament to ecological farming to building a micro concert stage.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Türker Özdede, Ecem Çınar

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