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Levent Corporate Headquarters

Client               Miksel Tourism

Location           Istanbul, Turkey

Program           Office / Corporate

Area                 12.000 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Schematic Design, Permit Project

Status               Permit Project

The 12.000 m2 corporate headquarters building is located at the periphery of Istanbul’s dense business district, Levent. The irregular plot and strict setback rules imposed on tall structures compel an alternative and innovative approach to the typical rectangular office tower typology. The office tower mass is broken down into shifting blocks, creating views and open-air terraces overlooking the surrounding low-density residential neighborhood and the Bosphorus to the East. Adjacent to the terraces, interior voids create two to three-story micro “neighborhoods”, amplifying access to the outdoors and providing commercial flexibility for leasing individual floors or multi-story segments. The form oscillates between the singular and fragmented, allowing for unified function with enhanced connection to the outdoor environment. Both the core fixed to the back edge of the site and the structure following the unique building geometry reinforce efficient spatial planning. Concave glazed panels made of half-cylindrical sections grant transparency; while offering vitality through the diverse scale of the surrounding context and the chromatic daylight reflecting over the façade rhythm.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Türker Özdede

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