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Kanyon Office

Client: Anonymous

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Program: Corporate

Area: 400 m²

Scope: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Management

Status: Completed (2021)

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Derya Tezel, Betül Ay, Ahmet Dogan

Photography: Altkat

The project is for an approximately 400 m² office interior that shall serve a maximum of 8-10 employees at a time. The spatial rhythm is dominated by the radial column layout and the curvilinear limits set by the core walls and the facade perimeter. The project space is located at Western half of the office building. Western exposure along the longer facade perimeter is a design parameter to consider due to adverse effects of thermal gain and strong glare during afternoon hours. The Mixed-use Kanyon Complex is located on Buyukdere Avenue, the main axis within the Levent Business District. The project space faces the terraces of the Retail and Residential blocks along its longer facade, providing a calmer, introverted view, and the streets populated with other plazas at the Northern end, busy with pedestrian and vehicular traffic during business hours.

The Client is a leading global alternative asset management company with headquarters in London and offices in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Istanbul. Starting with the reimagining of its head office in London, the company has been noticed for giving thought to the evolving definition of workplace/space. The Istanbul office has been located on the third floor of the Kanyon Office Building since 2014. With the addition of the newly acquired corner office next door, the goal is to create a unified, functional yet comfortable environment that enhances the quality of work life and reflects the company's culture of innovation and appreciation of their people.

With the pandemic, the “working from home” model has been globally tested and found to be more efficient than previously accepted. However, with almost a year behind us, more and more employees express their longing for their office days. So why do we still need the ’office’? For one, homes are not often equipped with the physical necessities for uninterrupted work. Also, online meetings cannot fully replace the need for human interaction with our professional counterparts, our colleagues and our clients. We find that the solution stems from identifying three main purposes; concentration, collaboration and communication: a gradient ecosystem that provides both sheltered personal zones for focused and efficient production and flexible open spaces for meeting and socializing. A workplace that nourishes the individual and the professional community.

We are also ever more motivated to center design around physiological and psychological wellbeing. Ergonomics, encouraging movement around the office, providing space for wellness and socializing and expressing team identity are some of the key considerations for constructing a welcoming atmosphere that stimulates a sense of belonging, pride and productivity.

With a responsible design approach, it is possible to minimize our impact on the environment via energy saving technology and use of locally available, recycled and durable materials. Taking advantage of daylight while safeguarding against unwanted thermal gain and improving indoor air quality via abundant plant life are also effective “big gain” methods.

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