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MB Verde

Client: Oktay Construction

Location: Mersin, Turkey

Program: Residential

Area: 55.000 m² (240 Units)

Scope: Master-plan, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, construction Administration

Status: Under Construction

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Ceren Kocabıyık, Anıl Ahmet Asal, Damla Önal, Zeynep Burçoglu, Cansu Nar

The project master-plan for this 240-unit residential development proposes elongated periphery blocks that frame a lush green space and maximize the number of garden & south facing units. The landscape concept is derived from the idea of “Second Nature”, a loose, shifting grid that takes inspiration from the citrus orchards and palm trees found in the area. The communal spaces are embedded into the landscape, which acts as a porous architectural backdrop creating shade for social functions.

The residential blocks are designed to maximize connection to the outdoors and create passive ventilation opportunities to mitigate the warm, humid climate. The plans benefit from compact central cores, courtyards, and intermediate gardens that establish a rhythm along the block length. Care is taken to ensure every room has access to natural daylight and every unit has either a favorable view facing the south or the proposed landscape at the center. Thus, as an alternative to the detached single-family houses of the Mersin suburb and the typical apartment buildings of the city, a fresh new lifestyle that is one with nature is realized.

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