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Semt Yenikoy Office

Client               Bonja Shipping Chartering

Location           Mersin, Istanbul

Program           Office

Area                 400 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Schematic Design, Construction Documents

Status               Schematic Design

The project occupies one floor of a 14-story office block that is currently under construction in Mersin. The design is rooted in creating a progressive, flexible and dynamic environment within the workplace. The homogeneous open office principle is reinterpreted through 3 main architectural figures that add spatial definition while maintaining fluidity and continuity. The “plus” figure defines personal work space for the firm partners within the shared open office and serves as built-in storage furniture. The centrally situated “arch” figure creates an organic contour for interoffice circulation and contains print and archive rooms for employee use. The “semi-circular” figure is designed to house the meeting room and its support functions and acts as an implied boundary to the partners’ private offices. The floor plan is developed with flexibility in mind, all desks are mobile and power/data is distributed throughout the workspace embracing a fresh and open-minded working culture. Use of translucent materials allows diffused daylight to travel from the perimeter to the interior, sustaining an airy and fresh atmosphere.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Cansu Nar, Ecem Çınar

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