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Dimax Center

Client               Dimax

Location           Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Program           Mixed Use : Retail / Offices / Social

Area                 15.000 m2

Scope               Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

Status               Schematic Design (Est. Construction Date 2020)

The 15.000 m2 project aims to create a responsible solution within an environment of expansive regeneration affecting the abundantly Soviet influenced architecture in Tashkent. The proposed design assembles a diverse range of program elements such as building materials shops by 3rd party sellers, wholesale operations, offices and food & beverage outlets, currently scattered haphazardly around the building site under one roof. A long span “big box” structure, encompassing a unified building materials marketplace, expo areas and a food court, is elevated in order to improve visibility from the Main Access Road and to greet pedestrians at street level while segregating vehicular circulation to the level below. The horizontal volume is balanced with an intersecting vertical office block that shares pedestrian access with the social users via the expansive plaza created at the “new” ground floor. The tower floors offer premium office space with thoughtful and efficient structure and core layouts. Renewable energy systems such as solar panel integration and rain water collection serve the overall aim of achieving a sustainable building.

Team: Kerim Miskavi, Zeynep Burçoglu, Türker Özdede, Lara Hekimoglu

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